Internal Site RSS Feeds

my company, not surprisingly, has both internal and external sites with RSS feeds. I can use newsblur to follow the external ones without issue. But even when at the office and one the company network, I can’t get feeds from the internal sites.

Is there a way to configure newsblur to tap those feeds?

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NewsBlur runs on servers on the internet (not inside your browser). It cannot see into your company’s network to get to the RSS feeds.

They only way to do it is host you own NewsBlur inside your company’s network. There are details on how to set this up on the GitHub.

Other than that, you will have to use a client based reader like MS Outlook.

Good info. If we did host our own newsblur on the company network, would it see both internal and external? Or would I need to hit both newsblurs to get the full picture? Thanks for your help!

Yup, you would have to host NewsBlur internally to see those internal feeds. Or keep a secret URL that can see behind the firewall through a proxy.

thanks, all!