interface feature requests

  1. Give the “Global Shared Stories”, “All Stories”, etc. title bars different colors. It would make picking the right bar much more fluid and less chancy (especially on the iPhone, where aim is so important).

  2. When choosing how to order the feed stories, I only use “Oldest First” combined with “Unread Only” or “Newest First” combined with “All Stories”. Is there a way for me to switch back and forth between those two states without needing two taps every time? This is especially important on the iPhone, where “All Stories” combined with “Oldest First” doesn’t make any sense from a practical point of view.

  3. iOS App: Allow “Insta-Fetch” by pulling down the list (e.g. like checking for new mail in the Mail app, or new tweets in most Twitter apps).



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  1. I gave them different icons, which I would hope is enough. Have you tried using the v2.0 beta for iOS? It’s much better.

  2. Check, which makes it a bit easier. But no, there’s no quick way to switch between the two.

  3. I used to do this, but its annoying to pull to refresh and then have to wait 10 seconds. That’s why it’s now in a menu.

In other words, you should *never* have to insta-fetch stories. They should always be current.

  1. The icons certainly help, but I still think the top 20% of the screen looks a bit too much like a mass of gray (and the all-caps typography makes the readability even a little worse). It’s no big deal though, only a suggested idea.

  2. Ah, I do remember now, that’s how it used to work. I certainly agree that the stories should always be current, but some days there’s still mismatch between the number of stories present and the number of stories listed.