Intelligence trainer


Thank you, seriously, for keeping RSS (atleast consumption) alive.

About the Intelligence trainer (IT)… say I have 500 sources.
IT works per source, and I only recently discovered that thumbs down will remove whatever item qualifies from the feed and show it elsewhere if we want to check it out.

How do I train on certain words permanently, and duration-based.
Ex: Thumbs down on ‘NFT’ forever. Or whatever the trending thing is for everyone to write about.

The IT from the settings icon makes me review all sources one after another, which is going to take ages.
A summary view (like in Organize) to deal with IT trainings/customizations would be really useful.

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This feature is coming up in the NewsBlur Premium Pro subscription, which will cost $299/year. This kind of wide-net filtering is only available for pro subscriptions due to the nature of drastically increased load applying those filters everywhere.

Ah okay.
I’ll live with it then.
Not everyone lives in the US, so this is way too much to pay for a convenience feature.