Intelligence Trainer not very intelligent

It keeps showing articles as green when there is only one green keyword and multiple red keywords


Green wins all. If there is something you like about a story, I’d rather it default to showing you the story rather than hiding it. I’m starting to believe that 2 or more reds than there are greens may be worth a red overall, but it gets pretty tricky. I think having any green percolate is a reasonable trade-off. I’m happy to explore other options, though. I calculate the real score, so in this case it would be -3 (-4+1).

This feels like an old topic and discussion Samuel and I had. Funny enough you chose a Kotaku screenshot, I used a Lifehacker one as an example. Some stuff we discussed:

[Samuel:] placing title filters above tags filters above author filters above publisher filters.

[Martijn:] a possible ±_x_ for yellow matches. When an item has 20 coloured tags and the final count ends at +1 or −1 the chances are you didn’t want it to be either green or red at all.

I’d like to add that, as you would like to ‘default to showing you the story rather than hiding it’ when there ‘is something you like about a story’ maybe 2 divides should be done. Make a limit for green and yellow.

Let me put it in (dummy) code:

var itemColour = yellow; // We want to change this. 
 var totalColours = 5; // Number of choices made in the above screenshot 
 var totalRed = 3\*3+1\*4; // publisher = 1, author = 2, tag = 3, title = 4 
 var totalGreen = 1\*3; 
 var totalScore = -10; // totalGreen - totalRed 
 var greenLimit = Math.ceil(totalColours/10); // = 1, how far from 0 is still green? 
 var yellowLimit = Math.ceil(totalColours/5); // = 1, how far from 0 would be yellow? 
 if (totalScore\<=greenLimit && totalScore\>=greenLimit\*-1) itemColour = green; 
 else if (totalScore\<=yellowLimit && totalScore\>=yellowLimit\*-1) itemColour = yellow; 
 else if (totalScore\>0) itemColour = green; 
 else if (totalScore\<0) itemColour = red;

Just an idea.

It should be yellow instead of green. I see your point about not wanting to miss anything, but with 4 reds to 1 green this should be yellow at the very least.

Of course what I really want is a way to hide read articles, the Intelligence Trainer is just a neat toy to play with as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve decided to remove all green tags and only use red ones. That way the articles I don’t want to see are hidden.