Intelligence Trainer: Any way to remove existing filters?

Hi, old Google Reader user, new NewsBlur premium user :slight_smile:

I’m using, and in my initial burst of randomly clicking around to learn the interface, I decided to slim-down the Global Shared Stories section by filtering-out some sites that I wasn’t interested in. However, I was a bit overzealous and I’m sure I’ve hidden several sites that I didn’t mean to.

Is there any way to access the Intelligence Trainer’s history, i.e. to see what I’ve filtered out, and to remove some of my mistakes? The main “Retrain all sites” button only seems to retrain sites that you’re subscribed to.

If this isn’t possible, then (a) it would be a useful improvement, and (b) could you nuke my current Intelligence Trainer settings, so that I can start again now that I understand how it works? (Username: dustlined)


Sorry to bump, I know things are busy at the moment (and there’s a good chance that my request got lost amongst the white noise) but any chance of getting this reset actioned? As you can imagine I’m evaluating several readers right now (you’re winning!) but it’s hard to tell as I’ve accidentally trained too much stuff incorrectly.

I’m hoping to see this as an improved feature too. I’d like to view things on a global perspective, instead of feed by feed, with the option to change along the way.