Instagram doesn’t have per-user RSS feeds as far as I can tell. Any chance of adding instagram support directly to newsblur?


I’ve been using this little API to make RSS feeds.  it isn’t perfect, but seems to work reliably:

Did websta stop working for everyone else,  or just me? oho, looks like IG changed their API recently .

Yep, adding IG support to NewsBlur would be pretty sweet, seeing as how IG feed generators are kinda falling off the earth.

Instagram support would be awesome!  Since IG Facebooked the main feed I’ve missed posts from friends who aren’t as active that IG hides or pushes so far down that I don’t see them.  Being able to make sure I’m getting everything my friends post would be a nice feature to have in Newsblur.

I doubt this will happen now that they’ve closed off their API.

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Aaand, strike that.  I had been using it for years before just this week Instagram broke everything. :frowning:

Hi, I just discovered this item, and I very much would like to see this support. I was previously using the RSS feeds from Iconisquare, and now those are gone, and need a replacement.  It seems this will be difficult, as the API is no longer public, but maybe there could be a way. 

I very very very much would like Instagram support. is an option to get your feed, but I would love to see native support, too

Maybe this could be an example for NB devs to use to get there


I took a look at that project and it looks like a terrific solution and I could probably implement it. I’m going to try and save some time during my winter break to work on it. Wouldn’t even take long, just have to add a way to save a user’s instagram session id. Asking users to find a cookie isn’t fun but I feel like it’s not insurmountable.


I would also like to be able to subscribe to an Instagram user’s feed, the same way I can do it for Twitter.
Here is how RSSHub does it: (scraping the Instagram HTML to get the list of posts, then querying each post). It seems that Feedly implements this, but I am unsure on how they do it.

Use case: some artists only post on Instagram (for example and I would love to be able to read them on Newsblur!

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I just use

I still think it would make sense to integrate something like rss-bridge rather than trying to reinvent it piecemeal:

I use I know that has been mentioned before. Just want to remind others of its existence.

I know this is old, but some music artists I follow only seem to post to Instagram now that they’ve left Twitter, and having some way to follow the posts with Newsblur would be amazing.

Open RSS use to offer them as well but blocked

Should be a solution soon enough.