Infrequent Stories heading is in the way

I appreciate someone may have asked for this, but it just takes up space on my Android.
It is also in the place that I expect All Stories to be, so I keep launching it instead of the thing I’m actually wanting to do.
It is the most irritating thing in NewsBlur.
PLEASE can you either get rid of it,make it optional or at least put it out of the way (perhaps at the very bottom of all the feeds).


Absolutely agree! This is a feature I doubt anyone asked for, stuck in an inconvenient place, with no way to turn it off. Please make this OPTIONAL. TY.


Count me in. Do not want this feature.

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Number of times today that I have clicked “infrequent Site Stories” instead of the “All Site Stories” I intended … dozens and dozens … pretty much every time.
Training new muscle memory … difficult and completely unnecessary.
That button is simply in the wrong place.  Even if I knew what it did, it would STILL be in the wrong place.


Yes. My typical NewsBlur workflow is to show unread articles for all stories and then work through all the stories. If an article from an infrequently updated blog shows up in those articles, that’s cool, but I don’t need a separate category for it, especially a category between the All Stories header and the list of all sites that have updated stories.

This is a problem on both the phone app (iPhone for me) and the website. I understand that this might be an awesome feature for some workflows, but please allow us to move it or make it optional so we can turn it off.

I don’t mind the feature, but it’s absolutely in the wrong spot in the interface.  Move it up one space, between Global and All, and it’d be fine.

Since Infrequent Stories was released around a week ago, it has not gotten any better with age.  I’m still tapping/clicking the wrong header nearly every time in the iOS app and the website when I try to go to All Stories.

This feature sucks, and I can’t understand why Samuel has been radio silent on the feedback that’s been coming in on this.

Thanks. I will do that. It won’t fix the mobile app, though.

TIL I use NewBlur totally different than everyone else, b/c the position isn’t an issue for me.

Yay!  INFREQUENT is now above  ALL SITE STORIES in the web interface.  Nice job!  Many thanks.

I’m moving it above All Site Stories in all three platforms. I launched it on the web but it’ll get released next week on iOS and android. Also adding preferences to hide it (as well as global shared stories).

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