Importing from google reader - how far back does it go?

Hi, I just started using newsblur (converting from google reader). On google reader I have hundreds of starred articles, but when I import the feeds hardly any of them come over. I suspect it has to do with the time range. How far back does newsblur import google reader stuff from? Some of these articles are probably a couple years old but I like having them there for future reference, searchability, etc.


I built this feature about 9 months ago. When I built it, I knew somebody would have this exact issue, but I decided to test how long it took for it to actually come up. The answer is that NewsBlur imports the first 10. It’s trivial to import more, but it takes a long time. And since you’re a new user, I wanted to make the initial import process take less time.

But I never got around to making some way for you to import the remaining starred stories. It has more to do with how I don’t want to clutter the UI than any technical limitation. I just need a good place to put the “Fetch All Other Starred Stories Not Yet Imported From Google Reader” button, and give it a good title that isn’t confusing if you don’t know exactly what it means.

I can easily do this for you on an ad hoc basis. What’s your username?

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Makes sense. I completely understand wanting the import to go quickly. My username is jasonw82.

Also just wanted to say I am very impressed with the site! Nice work!

I would like to add that I would really love this feature as well. I had a good number of starred items that I had just accepted as a loss, but the ability to bring them over to NewsBlur would be great. (My username is ChrisHamby)

I would also love the ability to bring over my starred items from Google Reader, if you’re making that available ad hoc - my user name is Diana.

I’ve been using NewsBlur for a month or so and really like it. Thanks for your efforts!

The first two, Jason and Chris, should be all set. I created a management command that makes it super easy for me to do now. I’d be more than happy to do it for anybody else.

Also, if you have an idea on how to present this as an automatic option (somewhere in the UI), I’m all ears. I haven’t decided where it should go. The only idea I’ve got is that I should send you a separate email after you import if you have > 10 starred stories and want the rest ported over. Maybe I should just grab everything for every user, regardless. That’s a lot of extra overhead that may be unnecessary overkill.

As for Diana, I can’t find any starred stories from your account. Are you sure you used the same Google Reader account that has all of the starred stories?

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I haven’t imported from Google Reader yet. Will do that in the morning and then let you know. Thanks!

thank you! For the UI, could it be a checkbox next to the Import from Reader button?

I see you’re one step ahead of me. I imported my Google Reader feeds, and the starred items are already there for me. Thank you Samuel!!

Hi Samuel, I’ve just started with Newsblur as well and was about to start hunting for this option too when this issue popped up in the dashboard. If you could import my starred history like you have for the others,that’d be awesome!

My username is northirid.


Champion, thanks for that! :smiley:

I just upgraded to premium. Can you lease fetch my starred items. Username is tylast. Thanks!

username rjm073. Can I get my starred items re-fetched as well? Thanks

Tylast, got the last 1,000 stories. Google won’t let me grab more. :frowning:

Rjm073, you have no starred stories to import. You sure you have the right account hooked up?

Samuel, I only had 1386. I was able to sort all of them with RSSOwl (since I used it many months ago & pulled them down then) & find the missing ones… So, no worries. I appreciate your efforts in any case. :slight_smile:

not sure why google shows no starred stories. does it help if I send you the json files? maybe a manual update will work? thanks again and sorry for the extra work……


Could I get my starred stories imported as well? My username is “rnavarro”

Ooh ooh!

Can you do it for me? My username is “jriley”.

Yeah, you just might be getting this request repeatedly over the next 4 months.