importing from Google Reader: favorites?

I was using Newsrack on the Mac,
and hardly going to the Google Reader site.

I noticed that articles that I read,
and then marked as unread are here as saved.
cool, no problem.

but all of my favorites (starred) articles are not here,
at least that I can devise easily.

is the only solution to go to G-reader and look up all the faves/starred,
and then mark them as unread,
and re-import the feed to Newsblur?


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Apparently you can only bring over around 1300 starred items, which is not good for all of us who had about 5k starred. If you search around you will see other topics on this same issue. :frowning:

I had a brief conversation about this on Twitter:…

One possible solution I’ve been thinking about is allowing users to upload a file containing their starred items as exported by Google Takeout. I don’t recall if Takeout gives you >1000 starred items, but assuming our Reader data stays available after July 1st, it would be a nice future-proofing solution.

Anyway, if there’s some sort of queue for manual starred items importing, I’d be happy to be on it. Username of MattDarling.

(though I think the OP may be having a slightly different issue - it sounds like their RSS client wasn’t sending data back to Reader? The “import my starred items” option that shows up when you connect to Google should at least get *some* items)

not sure I have that many starred items,
but I cannot see that any got imported.

I did search first… topics with “favorites, google, reader, importing”,
but I am not the fastest with all the nomenclature.


I will do the Google Takeout anyway,
I just did the quick import offered by Newsblur.

Newsrack was doing ok with sending info to Reader.
if I went/go to Reader with a browser,
then all the starred items are there.

perhaps by the death-line for Reader,
I can go ahead and re-import my feeds,
as I have not added any new feeds here.