Importer hangs on "Saving" when downloading my feeds.

Having a problem importing my feeds. I selected the file “subscriptions.xml” that I downloaded from google takeout, and NewsBlur shows all of my feeds, but when I click to save them, it just hangs on “saving”. It’s been 20 minutes, and I’m only importing 18 feeds - help!

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It should be instant, but if it takes too long it’ll email you (and tell you). Not sure why it didn’t work. Try it once more.

Too long = 10 seconds. If it takes over 10 seconds, it’ll terminate early, let you know, and email you when done (which should be 30 seconds later).

Thanks for your quick response!

I’ve tried a few times, and it doesn’t seem to want to work. NewsBlur did create my folders from google, but hasn’t put any of the 18 feeds in…

If this is a big deal to fix I can always try to recreate my feeds directly within NewsBlur…but I’d like to avoid that if possible.

Funny, I just noticed that after I canceled the “Saving” process, on the home screen, on the right next to “Free Account,” there’s a little scrolling icon that says “updating sites in real time”… and it says that there are 18 sites… yet there is nothing there.

and reloading the site just re-opens the import box again, showing me the18 feeds I’d like to import, and asking me to select which ones I want (or upgrade to a premium account)

Yup, are they all selected (turned on)? Also, make sure you’re in All mode (on the bottom left).

yep, in all mode. All feeds selected (toggled to “on”), and I click the button that says “turn on these 18 sites, please”. That button then says “saving”… and everything just remains there, like that… for minutes and minutes on end.

wow, apparently 8 times the charm - it finally worked! (every time = exact same actions). weird. Thanks!