Imported Starred Items on dev site, but also wiped and re-imported my feeds. Any way to undo but keep starred items?

I recently imported all of my feeds from Google Reader, and then configured them in Newsblur how I wanted them - renamed, sorted into folder, etc - and added a couple new ones. But then I noticed not all of my starred items came across.

So I checked this forum and discovered that the dev site allows for force-importing starred items. Great! Only problem: doing so re-imported all of my feeds too, and I lost all of the configuration I have done over the last few days.

Is there any simple way short of re-configuring everything to get it back the way it was (but ideally keep the starred items too)?

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It’s because it took you back to and you deleted all of your sites on Reader. This won’t be an issue after launches. I can quite easily restore your sites. What’s your username?

Thanks, Samuel, that’s excellent! It’s [].

Does that mean once launches, it will be possible to re-import starred items without resetting feeds? Or just that the issue of only some starred items importing will be fixed for those who are starting fresh?

You can import them today, but something happened in your redirect that caused you to hit www, not dev.

Hmm, I have your OPML file ready to go, but I noticed you have lots of sites. Did you reimport them?

Well, that’s what the problem was. When I went to import just my starred items, it also re-imported all of my feeds from Google Reader. What I was hoping to do was just reset to how it was before an hour or so ago - mostly the same feeds, but a few different/new ones and restoring my folder setup. Thanks again!

I re-imported them from a backup from a week ago. If that’s not recent enough, I can get last night’s backup, but it’ll take a few hours.

Thanks, last night’s backup would be perfect - most of my tinkering has been in the last couple days. Of course no rush at all - this has been super quick already.

Done. Sorry about that!