Imported Google Reader subscriptions and now stuck at pay screen

Imported my Google Reader subscriptions and now I’m stuck at the “pay” screen. I haven’t had a chance to try out newsblur so I’m not ready to pay for anything. I can refresh the browser and the “pay” screen still pops up. I can refresh the page and quickly click “logout” to get back to, but when I log in, BOOM, there’s the pay screen again. All I want is to be a STANDARD user first so I can try it out! I can submit a screenshot if that would help.

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Wow, sorry about that. Dev is under heavy development, so things like this break. But rest assured I’ll fix it tonight. What’s your username? I bet you did the import and some sites came through, but some bug or another is just preventing you from seeing them.

And fixed! Thanks for finding this. Everything should work great now, just reimport from Google Reader.

The problem stemmed from an update I made last Friday, and you only ran into it because you already had some sites that you subscribed to and then imported on top of them.

Here’s the commit:…

Hi, I am also currently having the same issue. I want to try the service out first for free, but the payment screen keeps showing up.

My username is jamkotenko.

Thanks! I’d like this to work out because I intend to include NewsBlur in an article I am writing today for

I don’t know if when you guys say stuck you mean that there’s no button to get out of that screen? Or when you click out of the frame (the grayed out areas) also nothing happens?

No button to get out of the screen. Also nothing happens when you click out of the frame. Refreshing/logging in and out also doesn’t help.