Imported from Google Reader, but now back to default...

Last night, I joined the Google Reader exodus and loaded up my feeds into Newsblur (at home). I’ve just logged back on from work, but my list of feeds isn’t appearing - just the default 22. However, it looks like my saved list is somewhere in the database because on the dashboard it correctly lists “37 of 64 sites” at the top right. How can I restore my list? Thanks!

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They’re probably just hidden. Go to Manage > Chooser and enable any sites that may have been turned off during the Choose Your 64 process. If that doesn’t work, let me know your username and I’ll see if I can hunt down your sites.

I’m not sure that was the problem but it seems to have gone away. Thanks for the quick reply and great work on the site!

Woohoo! Love when this happens. (Except that it happens at all.)

I hit the same issue: I imported my Google Reader feeds, but they didn’t show up in newsblur.

I logged out of newsblur, cleared my cookies and browser cache, logged back in, and suddenly my imported Google Reader items were there.