Import read later bookmarks from pinboard

It would be great to have NewsBlur grab my read later links from so I could do all my reading in one place. Or even having a similar feature in NewsBlur would be awesome too.

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Is there an RSS feed for this? If there is, just subscribe to that.

I never thought of doing this. Good idea!

Is there an RSS feed for this?

There is. It includes a secret ID, however. So I’m not sure wether to add it to any hosted solutions if I’m not 100% sure this URL will be kept private and never shared in statistics or with other NewsBlur users.[0-9a-z]{20}/u:[a-z]+/toread/
The username is not that private, though some people might keep it to themselves. The secret seems to be an hash but is not only used to access your unread items, it is also used to access your private bookmarks. So you would never want that to leak out.

If a feed only has a single subscriber, it doesn’t appear in the Add Site dialog under the autocomplete list. There are a number of sites that have a username/password or secret token component and they are kept hidden. There is always the possibility of discovering the feed by iterating sequentially of all feeds, but that call is rate limited to 10 per minute, so at that rate it would take a few days to grab all the feeds, and I would know by then that something’s up. Further slowed down by the fact that they would have to subscribe and unsubscribe first, so it could take as long as a week. And again, I watch my logs everyday.

Yeah I was able to get the rss I tried with the bookmarklet and it didn’t work, but manually finding the rss and adding it worked.