Import from Google Reader is incomplete.

Have noted that the amount of imported stuff is limited.

For some subscriptions that do have a “history” in the Google Reader, I see various results after the import: from nothing to a few items (Compared Liferea, newly available Digg Reader; they also do have mixed results w.r.t. amount of imported data; at the same time Liferea have not got complete list of “starred” items).

Feeds and “starred” items are the most important for sure, But it is really frustrating since the data is there (at least Google has it)…

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You can grab all of your starred items. Go to Manage > Import to retrieve the rest. Although I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Do you mean read status? I can’t import that, as it’s way too much data and would take too long to disambiguate. What I do is set your feeds to 1 day marked as read. That’s a decent compromise, and once you switch you won’t care.

Starred items are OK (found proper buttons after a couple of attempts).

What I am referring to, is that for some feeds (mainly ones that do not update very often, or were idle for a while) nothing at all or just a few items are imported. And various tools do get various results in this respect.

May be it is just me, but it feels very confusing, when you switch your feed reader using import functionality, and suddenly some feeds do not have data.

Ohh, the stories themselves. Those aren’t imported from Google Reader. Those are fetched by NewsBlur.

So, do I understand correctly: it depends on the “target” feed itself, i.e. how much data target feed still exposes?

And if there is no data (for whatever reason) or may be feed is not processed yet by NewsBlur (are all imported feeds being processed, right away?) then experience with those feeds might be confusing.