Implement API is a webservice where users can create a public profile that they can link to from any website, rather than maintaining a profile on each one. lets users list other webservices they are on, like twitter or facebook, along with a list of their recent activity on that platform. For example, this is me:

It’d be great if we could link our blurblog to our profile and display the most recent posts we’ve shared. provides an API for this:…

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I bet they support arbitrary RSS feeds. Your blurblog has one. Just right-click on your blurblog on newsblur and go to Site Settings to get the URL.

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There is room for feeds on there, but that’s only supposed to be used for featured content: it only shows the titles of the 3 most recent posts. Adding the blurblog to that would push all the other stuff out. If newsblur was a supported service, it’d get a dedicated box where you can do some extra stuff like show post summaries with images and stuff like that.

Come to think of it, it’d be nice if one could create such a box from a dedicated feed. I’ll suggest it to them.

Also one more detail I forgot: having your app on the list of supported services can bring a nice boost in customers. I have signed up to a few new services myself when I saw them there and got curious.

So yeah, this isn’t exactly crucial, but it’d be nice to have.

Also I found another link to their API doc: