Images not loading for posts with query string

I’ve been running into an issue with “Text” reading view for some of my feeds. For certain posts (in the same feed) images simply won’t load. It seems to be a problem with relative image URLs being resolved to rather than the correct site.

For example on the LOC Today in History feed (, most of the post links end with ?loclr=eatod. In all of these cases, the images do not correctly load in “Text” view, and the console gives an error of: GET 404 (Not Found)

However, the post dated October 8 does not have this query string appended, and the images correctly load with the image URL directed to the Library of Congress webpage.

Older posts (beyond the set currently served by the feed url), do not appear to exhibit this pattern, so the query string may be a red herring.

The other feed I’ve noticed this relative image issue occurring with is the NASA Astronomy Photo of the Day feed:, however in this case, none of the images work in “Text” view.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!