Images Broken in Verge feed, only in Safari


I have to admit, first off I’m rather stumped on this, so I apologize if I’m diving down the wrong path here.

The problem is that all of the images in the are broken, but only in Safari. Everything is fine in Firefox, Chrome, and even the iOS app.

For example, in the article there is an image

It’s broken in NewsBlur’s view, and if you try to open that image in a new tab, Preview reports " The file “acastro_180427_1777_0003.0.jpg” could not be opened. It may be damaged or use a file format that Preview doesn’t recognize."

I have cleared cookies and cache, turned off all extensions, restarted, and even flushed DNS cache. And again, this only affects Safari, oh and for the past 4 days approximately.

Any thoughts would be extremely helpful, thank you!


That’s odd, cause this is the image url I see in the feed:

Here’s the Verge feed I’m subscribed to:


Interesting, that feed works fine for me too! I guess I’ll switch over to that, thanks!