Image src-attribute not present in feed mode

For the past weeks I’ve been noticing that images in a specific feed are not showing because the src attribute is not included in the ![]() .
The feed i’m having trouble with is this one: (site 5814247).

Idid a bit of homework and checked the HTTP response that NewsBlur sends when I open that feed on, and the story_content includes the ![]() without the src attribute (oddly, it keeps the title intact).
I also parsed the feed with the module (from the master branch of newsblur), and the parse method returns a FeedParserDict including the src attribute in the ![]() of the summary .


Checked the RSS feed and there’s no URLs. See here: 

That’s odd, here’s what I see:
Either way, I’m talking about the ![]() in the ```

. Unless something is really wrong (on Yahoo's side), it should be there, wrapped in an 
``` tag. I can see the ``` <a rel=... ``` in your screenshot, so I assume the ``` ``` is there too. That's the one showing up without a ``` src ``` attribute in NewsBlur.

I had been “debugging” this for a few days now, and I hadn’t seen the ```



 empty—not when I requested the URL for the feed, nor when I saw the <a href="" rel="nofollow">Pipe results</a> on Yahoo's side. I just saw that happen for the most recent item in the feed, and the 


 for the 

 is not there.<br>I'm not sure why, or how, but I'm now starting to think this is some issue with Yahoo Pipes, and not an issue with the feed parsing in NewsBlur.

 My apologies for starting this problem thread, but I hadn't seen this happen before, so I could only assume there was something wrong with NewsBlur.</content>

No worries, I’m happy to help. What you’re seeing on NewsBlur is the media enclosure. That’s usually reserved for attachments like a podcast or video. Some use it for images, but most just embed images directly on the story. So NewsBlur just adds all media enclosures to the end of the story.

You can fix it either way, by adding the correct image url in the story itself or as a media enclosure. 

Thanks Samuel.
The image is included in the description of the item in HTML, as well as in the media enclosure. The issue there is that the URL that ends up in the media enclosure is the same used to construct the ![]() tag for the description, so, if there’s no URL in the media enclosure, the ![]() tag in the description won’t have the src attribute either.

I tried accessing the feed URL using a web proxy from the USA, and another from Canada, and I was able to reproduce your screenshot, lacking the image URLs in the media enclosure and in the description. Accessing directly here from Portugal, or the UK, Germany or France, shows all the images correctly.

My best explanation for this is that Yahoo Pipes runs on separate server pools for different regions, and you reach the ones closer to you (the usual geo load balancing); each region must have their own robots to fetch content for the pipes too. The guys at must have blocked some of the robots in the NA region, but not the ones in the European region. This is, of course, no more than speculation on my part.
But this has nothing to do with NewsBlur, so I won’t discuss it further here.