Image scaling

I follow a few photography blogs. Now when I am viewing some of the posts with images, the photographs scale by width but not by height, leaving everything ‘too tall’. I would prefer them to scale to at most the screen width.


This began around one week ago, as far as I’ve noticed.

What’s the site url when you click on the feed?

Here’s the feed

Here’s another example page…

Here’s another feed with the same problem

An example being

Ok, I fixed it, but I feel like I’m playing whack-a-mole, since I expect another feed to now be broken. If that happens to you, please offer me the site url (like this:…) and I’ll get it fixed.

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Appreciate it. Looks good.

Thanks for a great product. Coming up on my 2 year anniversary of premium. It’s been great thus far.


Post “Brrr: …” is the worst since it is full of photos.

Ok, I fixed both Brrrr and the original. But no photos will no longer have sizing, which may not be the intention. That Brrr post is a bit weird, since it has a container with a 1% width. Why, I don’t know. But it’s screwing up other things.