I'm trying to switch off paypal recurring payments to my credit card and it looks like Newsblur now charges $24

For some reason, switching to credit card bumps my subscription up to $24. With PayPal, I was paying $12 a year. I’m trying to move any subscriptions of mine away from Paypal and that rate was not kept for me with Newsblur when I selected Pay by Credit Card to update my billing details.

My user account name is crazysim@gmail.com


Looks like you were grandfathered in for a limited time. NewsBlur’s price went up to $24/year back in March 2013 and it would have been unsustainable to have kept it there. I expect all $12/year holdups to eventually upgrade. Think of the last few years as the discounted years.

Ah, OK. It’s just a bit uncomfortable that this was an event that ungrandfathered me. Anyway, I use Newsblur everyday so ah, it’s cool.