I'm missing posts (articles) from various sources

I can fully understand the problems scaling Newsblur so rappidly.
Newsblur seems to run with an ok’ish kind of performance now but i miss articles from my subscriptions. I can’t point on one of my sources because it seems to happen anywhere that articles get lost and are not provided by Newsblur.
(I have double checked with Google Reader - which had been my backup solution for Newsblur for 2 years now ;-))
The ratio seems to be 40% missing.
Is this something anybody can confirm?


Have you tried clearing your browser’s cache and then checking again, or checking from a web browser you haven’t used with NewsBlur before?

I’ve noticed NewsBlur doesn’t seem to always mark a story as read accurately - it keeps showing up as unread again when I hit “r”. But if I shift-reload (to ignore cache), the stories are marked correctly. I wonder if a similar issue - browser cache - is causing some stories to not show up as new for you.

I have also tried to use two virgin Browsers. I have definitively posts missing in Newsblur which I see in Google Reader (but one reason can also be the very tuned down update rate especially for some blogs on Newsblur).
I will keep on checking.

I am having the same issue today

Well, that sucks, rolli. I was hoping you’d have an easy work-around until there’s a fix!

This may not be the case but try checking read items and seeing if it’s there. One of my feeds has an issue where new items are getting marked as updates of old items:

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Wonder if this issue is related to what i’m seeing here:


I have the suspicion that it’s a feature and not a bug.
Samuel did set down the update rate dramatically and I can see that especially some exotic post (blogs) I have don’t get an update - or only get a daily update…
…I keep checking