IfTTT support for unsaving stories?

Is it possible to have Newsblur unsave a story based on an IfTTT trigger? I have my saved stories sent to Pocket and I would like them to be unsaved in Newsblur when I archive them in Pocket.


Interesting. Anybody else want to see this? I can’t really add all that much to IFTTT for fear of making the channel less approachable. This would be a new action and would take some convincing on the IFTTT side.

I understand it’s not a priority. It just make sense to me that if you’re sending saved stories to Pocket, you would want that bidirectional interface when you’re done with something in Pocket.


This is indeed something I would also need. The absence of this feature is the reason why I no longer use this recipe (only use the context menu and send it directly to Pocket).

Not highest priority to me - but would come in handy.

I think this functionality should be the “default” for all the current newsblur IFTTT channels.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I have set up IFTTT to send me an email on a “new unread focus story” but it is not marking it as Read after sending me the email.

Instead of this making my job easier and more automated I have to do double the work once I read it ie: Delete the article from my email box & then find and delete the article from Newsblur :frowning: