IFTTT integration

As a NewsBlur user, please explore creating an IFTTT channel, so I can more easily exploit and share stories without needing to write against the API.

I’ve seen IFTTT mentioned in several other ideas/questions, but none specifically requesting it.


Maybe with the new found hoards of reader-refugees ifttt would consider supporting newsblur now?

Hopefully at some point in the future anyway!



Also, as an interim solution, you can use the IFTTT ability to pick up RSS feeds and the RSS feed for your blurblog to interact with other services.

Does NewsBlur provide an RSS feed for saved items? This would be helpful until ifttt integration is available.

You can suggest NewsBlur as a channel on IFTTT on this page… https://ifttt.com/help/channel_sugges…

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any updates on ifttt integration? we really need it…

to be honest we only need saved stories to be automatically redirected to pinboard or pocket…

alternative approach to this feature would be a change of default save story service for popular pocket, pinboard etc. please refer to this idea topic:


Looks like Shared stories are sent to a personal RSS feed which I tried adding to IFTTT (to send it to Pocket).

However, when adding the feed in IFTTT, I get this error: Not a valid feed url, missing feed title

I tried these URLs

  1. http://maxaudet.newsblur.com/
  2. https://www.newsblur.com/social/46195…
  3. https://www.newsblur.com/social/46195…

There are few IFTTT recipes for NewsBlur (using the 3rd URL format) so I guess it worked for some.

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Ok, sorry, I wasn’t using the correct RSS feed URL.
Works now and I shared my IFTTT recipe - https://ifttt.com/recipes/101909

yeah I thought of that too but sometimes you want to keep shared/saved news private :wink:

it’s done, good job!

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Ohh, I’ve tried many times. Before I got YC funding, I was actually slated to start working at IFTTT full-time. I know those guys well enough and they just don’t have the time to support an API with as few users as NewsBlur has. It’ll come eventually, but it’s on them to allow me in.