IFTTT applets not working (resolved)

Hey everyone. Looking for help and/or advice.

A couple of my applets in IFTTT aren’t working. I mean, they show that they’re working within IFTTT, but nothing is getting shared to my blurblog. (The applets in question share liked YouTube videos and tweets to my blurblog.)

Are there any common mistakes or best practices that anyone can share that may clear up what I’m doing wrong? Or is there possibly a know bug that dramatically impacts the effectiveness of the integration between IFTTT and Newsblur? (I’m a subscriber to both tools.)

Thanks for any help or insight anyone may be able to offer.


Well we pay for IFTTT integration so I’d hope it works! IFTT is pretty good about logs, do they show anything happening on the NewsBlur side, like exceptions or broken requests?

Hi Sam, thanks for replying.

Well, according to ifttt, the applets are triggering and working correctly almost every time (though an error has popped up occasionally). You can see from the two examples below that everything appears to be in order on their end, but nothing is posting to my Blurblog.

(I’ve been using both tools for many years and am comfortable with them, so I think I’m doing everything correctly, but I’m still open to the idea that I may be doing something wrong…)

A bit more context: I just set these applets up this week. The YouTube one worked correctly the first time it triggered, but hasn’t since. Twitter never worked. These aren’t important apps or anything; I was just experimenting as much as anything. But thought there might be something obvious I was missing/doing wrong, so I just wanted to ask the community to see if they/you had any insight.

Thanks again.


Maybe some of the recent changes to charge for Twitter integrations hit IFTTT earlier than intended?

See this page on the IFTTT site explaining the changes — they were planned to go into effect tomorrow.

Thanks for replying. Everything seems to be working now, with no changes on my end. They all just started firing correctly a few days ago.