Identity mix-up

Hi there,

I’ve just signed up, imported feeds from Google Reader (on second try – perhaps that’s what caused the problem?), and now Newsblur apparently thinks that I’m some Chinese guy who has signed up 10 days ago!

Where are _my_ feeds and what do I do now? I could just re-register but I’ve made the mistake of going premium before properly checking things out.

(The username in question is “mlivshin”)


I’d like to add that the Chinese guy (or gal) appears active: there are saved items, and I think the total number of feeds has changed from yesterday.

uhh, anyone there?

Ok, went ahead (it’s my name and my premium payment, after all) and re-imported from Reader, so now all my feeds are there and I’m OK.

We’ll see what happens when that Chinese person wakes up to the situation…

Adding myself to this thread. I’ve had the same issue occur twice now, with different particulars.

In both cases I logged in to see my own proper dashboard followed by someone else’s feeds and folder lists. Reloading the site cleared it up for me both times.

I should mention that I’m accessing from behind a proxy with tens of thousands of users. This seems related because both times I saw another’s feeds they seemed very likely behind the same proxy, based on the locations and types of feeds.