I wish you could Insta-Fetch everything by one button.

Going through my list of subscriptions and Insta-Fetchinging them is a hassle, I wish there was one button to Insta-Fetch them all.


Would save me a lot of time to be able to do this with just one button

I agree, would be nice to insta-fetch all at once instead of feed by feed.

This is a must have for me as some feeds never update unless you manually do it.

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I agree that there needs to be a Insta-fetch “for all” feeds. It is discouraging to join at the premium level and then have to spend hours making sure you have everything. Is this in the works??

Insta-fetch everything with one button would be great. If I had to do them all by feed I’d be too busy to look at the feeds. It is a must have and also to allow the feeds to at least update every hour. I don’t know why my feeds are updating every 8 hours, that’s far too long.

I agree with Matthew as asked for here :slight_smile:


This would be entirely awesome, even if it was restricted to being used at most once a day!

This would be an awesome addition! I am wondering where/if this is prioritized?

Thanks for all your efforts!

any update to this request yet?

For me I’d like the original request, but as a tweak/alternative i’d be happy with it on a per folder basis - i.e. as an option with the arrow dropdown menu - insta fetch All (in this folder.)


This has been been in my head for some time, but I think what I’ll do is add a button to make this happen. It’ll be available to premium subscribers only, but it’ll refresh any feed that hasn’t been updated during the past 10-15 minutes.