I wish you could follow twitter feeds in Newsblur!

I love newsblur! I wish I could follow a few people on Twitter through my newsblur account. I know this is tricky since Twitter shut down their RSS feed.


I wish they allowed it. Twitter purposefully ripped them out.

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you can kind of get around this using rssitfor.me
this format works for some twitter accounts, but not others. i have no idea why only certain ones work, but some is better than none i guess…

http://www.rssitfor.me/getrss?name= username

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I have to use Twitter to get news for people who abandoned their RSS feeds. I’d love to use Newsblur for this functionality.

If newsblur tapped into the Twitter API via our Twitter OAuth credentials, Newsblur could be a Twitter client that stores tweets to be read RSS-like style.

I’ve thought twice now, “I wish I had a way to see only specific tweets from a person (like browsing a specific feed in newsblur), or see the tweets from yesterday easily (aka RSS history)” and Newsblur’s ability to store posts would be great. I wouldn’t even expect to be able to tweet back from Newsblur, just read the tweets.

Jon have you seen Happy Friends (http://happy.smallpict.com/). Might be the kind of thing you are looking for.

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