I want to refund my plan

I want to refund my plan.

Feel free to email me and I’ll happily offer you a refund: samuel@newsblur.com

I already sent it.
Please check.

Ahh, found an older email I overlooked. You should now be all set.

I sent it recently…

I sent you a new email… I don’t think what I said has been canceled or refunded yet.

Oh ouch, I haven’t received anything yet.

I sent it back now.

Still not confirmed??

I found a half dozen of your emails in spam, so be aware that they may not be coming through to other services you email.

I’ll take care of this later today.

How about $36?
Please refund this…

I haven’t been refunded yet.

May I know what state you are in now?

I emailed you yesterday to say I refunded both of your payments.

Is there no Premium Archive Subscription for subscriptions through Google?