I upgraded to Premium and lost all of my feeds?

Hi, my Premium sub lapsed due to a new CC#; for a day I was downgraded to the free account and when I updated my payment info to get back to Premium, I lost all of my feeds. There were more than 60 when I upgraded, now I have exactly one. Is there any way to recover my feeds?


Your feeds shouldnt go anywhere, esp. when you downgrade. I bet what happened is that they are muted. Go to Manage > Mute Feeds and see if they are all muted.

By the way, because a single feed wasnt muted, the rest weren’t automatically brought back up. Or so I assume. They should all be there.

And worst case, I have backups. Just give me your username and I can reimport them for you easily.

Ah - that was it; I’d never even noticed the muting before, so I didn’t think to look there. Thanks for the quick help.

Keep up the great work - my wife and I both use the site and/or the iOS app basically constantly. Cheers!

If you want to unmute them far more quickly, go to dev.newsblur.com, where you can unmute by folder instead of having to click each individual feed. That’ll be launching probably in January, if not late December. It’s done, I just need to find two weeks where I’m not launching something else.