I lost my feeds when trying to import my saved stories from google reader (using the dev site) - how do I get them back?

There was nothing indicating that my feeds would be blatted. I would have been much more careful if I thought that this was even a possibility!

I don’t have the feeds backed up, and have deleted them from google reader :frowning:

Please, I really hope you can help. Username: nnppss

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The issue here is that it’s not supposed to be a clearing your feeds. Not only does importing starred stories not touch your feeds, but even if you were to reimport your feeds, they would be merged with your existing feeds.

Also, when I checked the logs it looks like you still have a bunch of sites. Are you on Unread? Can you switch to All and see your sites? Does it say 0 sites for you? Because they are definitely there, but I need to figure out if they are just hidden or there’s something else at work.

Actually, looking into it I wonder if you were directed to www. In fact, that explains it, since it would be in production logs and not dev logs. And production is setup to clear feeds (unlike dev). Anyway, I can easily get you backup copy. Would a week back work? Is it possible to reimport from Reader?

Also, this problem will evaporate when dev gets pushed next week.

Hi Samuel - I’m on “All” (ie not “Unread”)

It used to say 0 sites until I subscribed to a new one a few hours ago.


When I was looking at the issue, it was on www, but looking at dev I also have 0 sites.

A week back should be fine, I haven’t added any new feeds for a while.

Can’t reimport from reader - I ditched it when I imported a while ago.

If I’ll get my feeds back next week when dev gets pushed, then I can wait - save you the trouble. I’m not desperate to read the feeds, and I’m sure there’s other more important things you can spend your time on right now. Just as long as I get my feeds back.

All set. Sorry about that! And when I said next week, I meant that the whole “clearing sites” issue will be gone. It’s due to a bad redirection from Reader back to www instead of dev. And www still clears out feeds when it imports from Reader (dev does not). And because you had an empty Reader, you then had an empty NewsBlur.

Thanks Sam - all good now. Good luck with the update - looking forward to it!