I have a phantom subscription to kottke.org

When I read my NewsBlur account via Unread.app on iOS I see posts from kottke.org, but I never added a subscription to that feed to my account. I originally thought this might be an Unread.app bug, but I did some more digging and I think it’s an issue with NewsBlur.

When I view all of my site stories on newsblur.com I don’t see posts from kottke.org, and I don’t see it in any of my folders in the sidebar.

I do see it when I go to organize and select the flat view, but when I switch to the nested view it doesn’t show up in any folder.

I downloaded an OPML backup of my sites and kottke.org wasn’t in that backup either.

The only real changes I’ve made to my feeds recently has been to import this OPML file, but that file doesn’t have kottke.org in it.

It looks like kottke.org is in my list of feeds but doesn’t live in a folder or even in the top level folder. The NewsBlur web app doesn’t show items from that feed, but Unread.app sees the feed and shows its posts.

My account username is farktronix and my email is newsblur@rkas.net if you want to poke around at my account’s data on the server to figure out what’s going on.

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On the web you should take a look at “The people have spoken”, that’s where this feed is shared frequently. Maybe the Unread.app can’t handle this section. (I’m just another user and I just use Newsblur web)

It’s definitely not the people have spoken section. I read through those every now and then so I’m familiar with that section. This is a feed that’s listed in my subscriptions but only when I view a flat list of my subscriptions under organize.