I can't seem to hit this feed through NewsBlur, but can see it fine on my end...


Any idea why NewBlur doesn’t want to digest this URL? Thanks!

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I just tried it in my browser, it took 38 seconds to start loading, and then 5 more to download the page.

The feed is broken.

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Can you please define what you mean by “The feed is broken.”? Thanks!

What DavidSev means is that the server hosting the feed fails to respond in a timely manner to requests for the feed data. It takes a long time to start sending data when requested, and then takes a (relatively) long time to transmit the entire data file.

Generally, this is indicates a server problem of some sort. The server may be over-loaded, or exceptionally slow, or there could be a network issue near the server. FYI, since I see long delays too, it is likely an issue at the server end (rather than a general “internet problem”).

That said, a total time under 45 seconds isn’t *horrible*. I’m seeing closer to 25 seconds. Don’t get me wrong; it’s BAD. But I would expect any sort of NewsBlur feed-loading timeout to be notably higher. Sam will have to comment on that aspect.

From the feed, I can see you are using WordPress 3.5.1 – your main site seems to load a little slowly, too, tho your images load pretty quickly. That combination suggests that your server is slow or overloaded, rather than some sort of network problem. Maybe your DB server for your wordpress installation is taking a long time to respond to queries?

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I think Sam said in one of these threads that the timeout is 20s.

A month ago he said he was doing 50 per second, so upping the timeout probably isn’t easy.

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If response time out is being used to throttle the number of active connections, that’s not a good way of doing that at all. If I remember right the Wordpress instance is fairly stock and being hosted off of Dreamhost, of which there are countless other Wordpress instance being hosted. It would be great if as a paid user I’m not locked out of reading that corner of the web. Thanks.

This isn’t about “throttling”. This is about keeping the NewsBlur servers from getting stuck processing feeds that are broken. If you can’t serve your feed within a few seconds, something is broken.

As for Dreamhost, or whatever hosting service you’re using, I don’t know if the problem affects other sites at the same host; I kinda doubt it does. All I can say is that the site you pointed to is *exceptionally* slow. I doubt all other Dreamhost-hosted sites are that slow. Something odd is going on with that one site. Remember, even the HTML version comes very very slowly; this isn’t just a feed issue, it’s a whole-site issue with that site.

As an counter-example, I just checked a GoDaddy-hosted WordPress and it was too fast for me to easily count seconds.

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