I can't go to next item after 6 items.

While going through articles for a specific site, with newsblur to show 1 item per page & hiding the article list, I stop being able to proceed to the next item after 6. It just never loads items after the first 6 it loaded (I assume it loads a small portion of the unread items, then fetches more when needed. It just doesn’t seem to be ever doing the additional fetching.)

If I click on a new site or just click on the site in question, it loads 6 more. But the same behavior persists.

My settings are to only show new items.

(I also noticed if I switch to list view I’ll only see a small subset of items).

This also happens if I select an entire folder or ‘all site stories’, but instead of 6, it’s 12.


What browser are you using? And what OS? Also, do you have the single story mode? What’s your username?

Samuel, this is happening to me too. I have complained countless times, but I have not received a response.

I have to refresh to continue reading more.

My username is Victorbze, and I am using Firefox (Latest version).

And Windows 7 SP1

Chrome on OSX
Username is eviljim
I do have single story at a time mode on.

Try turning off single story mode. Does that fix the issue? If so, it’s a known issue and I am planning on hitting it very soon.

I have all stories mode, and you can see on this picture, that there are more unread items which are not loaded in the title view.
Chrome on Win 7, username: tido

Oh, that’s because you’re using a free account. See that text at the bottom of the list that says “The full River of News is a premium feature.”

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Samuel, I am a premium user, and it happens to me too.

Can you kindly check my account.

Me too. I have a premium account and single-story is off. Half the time it will only load the first 6 items, making it impossible to even access others. For some reason it seems to happen especially when in full-screen mode (shift-F). I haven’t found any other pattern to it.

Does it ever happen outside of full screen mode? Do you get the grey end bar at the bottom?

If it you hit shift+t, do the other stories continue to load?

Thanks for replying! After trying systematically this morning, it seems the bug IS directly related to full-screen mode.

By grey bar, I assume you mean the one with the Newsblur logo surrounded by three lines? I do get that normally - outside full-screen mode - but when observing this bug, the bar is indeed missing. Even in “unread-only mode” for feeds with <6 items (so they’re all THERE, but it still behaves differently).

They do, in fact! I’d never have guessed. This makes things a little easier to work around. Still no grey bar, though, even when it reaches the end.

This was supposed to have been fixed two days ago. Have you reloaded the site since then?

FYI, my issue is fixed and you are awesome.

Yes, I tend not to keep windows open for very long! How odd.

I believe it still happens for me. I will keep an eye out to see if it’s indeed fixed.

hello, I have the same problem since the new title bar option
When I hit “m” shortcut, the complete feed loading correctly

my username: vdehais