I can't delete something I shared from the blurblog without using the original post in newsblur.

I accidentally shared something a while ago, and couldn’t work out how to delete it at the time.

Without a way to remove old items I don’t want to use the blurblog.

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Just open your own blurblog and you can unshare from there.

My blurblog in newsblur says no stories to read, and the website doesn’t have an unshare link that I can see.

Agreed, I don’t see any clear way to unshare from the blurblog proper. Seems to require digging up the original story to unshare.

Make sure your blurblog isn’t set to “Unread Only”. Move it to “All Stories” and youll see your story.

Oh, I see the story in the blurblog. I just don’t see anywhere that allows me to unshare it from there.