I am not seeing my RSS feed on the left when I go to newsblur.com

My RSS feed doesn’t show up at all as it normally does on the left side of the screen when I go to newsblur.com

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This happens to some folks using IE. Which version are you running? Does it work in other browsers like Chrome or Firefox? Do you have any extensions installed?

i had something wrong with that side (the outline was there, but it wasn’t getting populated) and it was fixed via restarting my browser

I am using IE10. What is strange is that I have always used IE and have never had problems with Newsblur. I don’t have any other browsers downloaded on this computer and my employer doesn’t permit me to download other browsers. I don’t know what an extension is so I’m not sure if I have any installed.

I restarted my browser, but I am experiencing the same issue.

Any thoughts? Or am I out of luck because I’m using IE10?

Is it fixed if you Shift-U to toggle the feed tree?

When I go to newsblur.com and press Shift+U nothing happens.

Have you tried running the site in compatibility mode?

How do I do that?


The Compatibility View button does not appear in my address bar when I navigate to newsblur.com.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a computer with IE 10, so I can’t look at it myself. Try looking somewhere in the menus. Possibly the Tools menu. Tap the ALT key and the menu bar should pop up. Look for Compatibility View Settings. and add newsblur.com to the list.

Thank you for your help. I found the Compatibility View settings in the Tools menu that you are talking about. I added newsblur.com to the list and then refreshed the page. I am still having the same problem.

Take a look at your extensions. IE calls them add-ons. You should find it in the same menu where you found the compatibility settings. Something might be there blocking scripts. I just installed a new extension in Firefox and it blocked that panel until I allowed it.

Thank you for that tip. I went to Tools and then to Manage add-ons. I can’t find any add-on that is disabled that would be blocking this panel.

Sorry I couldn’t help. Hopefully someone around here has more experience with IE than I do.

Any other thoughts, Samuel?

This might be a long shot but is Javascript disabled in your browser? NewsBlur doesn’t function without it.

what if you click (or double click) on the edge of the screen? i just noticed that that pane slides away if you click the border… (currently trying to get it to stay now :confused: )

Hit Shift+U

I was able to reproduce this on one of my computers at home with IE11. Adding the site to the compatibility mode list didn’t help. I then experimented with a bunch of settings that didn’t help, then I reset all of the security settings to default. When I took the site back off the compatibility list, it suddenly worked.

Try the following:

  • take the site off the list
  • go to tools > internet options > security tab - make sure the Internet zone is not set to high
  • Reload the site and see if you can use the SHIFT+U command to show/hide the feed list if it is still missing

ah, sweet, thanks! reloading the page brought it be back for me, but i didn’t know about shift+u, and assumed it was some special windows thing (which doesn’t make sense now that i think about it