not loading

New York Times newsfeed ( ) is not loading 

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Looks good to me:

When I click on NYT-Most Recent I get a blank page. The links show up when clicking “All Site Stories”

Oh, it’s totally possible I just broke this, as I launched dashboard stories. What’s your username?

My user name is : stufalk

Still not working, though a new link was downloaded I still get a blank page. Thanks for your help.

Can you post a screenshot of what you see?

You were on Full screen view. I moved it to All Stories and List view, so you can see the stories. But they are there for your account.

As soon as the New York Times loads new stories I’ll check it out and let you know. 

I now see the stories as a list, with unread stories in bold type, but much preferred the way I used to see the stories (perhaps that was full page view) and without the previously read. Any way we can go back to the way it was before the upgrade?

Thanks again, but is there any way I can go back to seeing my New York Times stories with the same format as all my other links? If that is “full page view” I prefer it and don’t understand why we had an issue yesterday that was unable to show the NYT stories in that format, but just giving me a blank page. The list format can work if it is absolutely necessary for NYT, but I prefer the other one.

You can change it in the bottom of the screen, where it shows “Full/Split/List/Grid”.

Thanks. While I have no issues with every other link, when I change the New York Times link from list to full, I get an empty screen even when there are unread posts in the list view. That never happened before yesterday.