How to train stories (only see unread stories)?


My goal is to have a look at all the stories that have not yet the ‘focus’ (not green) so I can see if I should add some phrases to the training. Sometimes I also want to have a look at the hidden stories (red) so I can see if some interesting stories have been filtered out.

As far as I am aware:
There is no way to only see ‘unread’ or ‘hidden’ stories.
There is no direct ‘filter’ to see only those stories and I can’t easily mark all green stories as read (so only the others are left) because ‘mark all as read’ is really applied to ALL stories of a folder/feed (not only to the focused stories you may see).

Is there something I am missing?
Do we need a feature request here?
How do you handle this task?



To see hidden stories click on the “Show Hidden Stories” button at the top of the window. The button only shows up when there actually are hidden stories.

You can only filter up. In other words, you can either see red+grey+green, or grey+green, or green only. You can’t mix and match. This restriction is intended to make the UI easier to work with.

Thanks for your reply Samuel.
So there is no easy way to see all stories that are not ‘green’.

For me the question is: How do other users handle this situation?
I am quite annoyed by going through a list of unread AND focused stories when only the unread once are of interest.

But maybe I’m too besotted with the training feature :wink: