How to solve the "double html encode" problem?

the feed I subscribed contains double html encode. It looks like that:

Is it any way to show them properly in newsblur reader?

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Good question. It’s because they encoded it and weren’t supposed to. Not much NewsBlur can do to fix it without breaking sites that work correctly.

The problem emerged when I tried to burn a normal webpage (without RSS) to a feed by and the contents of each item were encoded like this way (the double html encode)

I have already tried to use Yahoo Pipe to replace those strings to decoded strings, but somehow it work fine in Yahoo Pipe debug mode but work improperly in its RSS output.

One thing I found is that the “double html encode” RSS can be showed correctly if I directly open it by webpage browser.

If this problem can be solved some days later, it will be very useful because I will be able to add a lot of webpages into my Newsblur reader even they are not provides RSS feed,