How to search the feeds like in GReader?

Is there a way to search through the feeds? For instance, I added a new feed … The feed does not show up on the left feed list so I need to do a search to find an article.


IT’s been 8 months. Any update?

If you add a feed, it should definitely show up in the feed list on the left. Make sure you’re using the “All” filter instead of the “Unread”

There is no searching of the *content* of feeds, as GReader had.

The ‘g’ keyboard shortcut should let you search through the names of blogs, though it’s not working for me at present (the ‘g’ shortcut works to bring up the search panel, but acutally entering anything does not appear to filter the feeds at all. The following is in the javascript console as I type in the search box:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘toLowerCase’ of undefined common.js?1384366048:44584
(anonymous function) common.js?1384366048:44584 common.js?1384366048:31561
Collection.(anonymous function) common.js?1384366048:34030
NEWSBLUR.Views.FeedSelector.Backbone.View.extend.filter_feed_selector common.js?1384366048:44583
NEWSBLUR.Views.FeedSelector.Backbone.View.extend.keyup common.js?1384366048:44623
jQuery.event.dispatch common.js?1384366048:4676
elemData.handle common.js?1384366048:4360

Thanks for the info. I’ll add a request in the feature requests section for this feature.

Josh, looks like you have a feed that has no title. Perhaps delete it or rename it. Can you find a feed like that?

I did seem to have one, but I might have others, and with 700+ feeds in 30+ folders, I can’t be arsed to find them all. Search does work for me, at this point.

You are talking about something other than this topic however. I requested a way to search the feeds. Not search for a feed :wink: