How to scroll within an article using the keyboard?

Im looking into this as a google reader replacement.

When i open a story by pressing Enter i cannot scroll on that page with the keyboard. I would suggest using arrows to scroll that page and j/k would still change article.

I will immediately become a paying customer if i find this sufficient to what google reader used to be :slight_smile:

Coming from Google Reader, the spacebar/shift-spacebar scrolling feels really slow. On top of that, I’m also used to having page up/page down, but that’s not as much of a dealbreaker as the scrolling being really slow.

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As one of the countless Google Reader converts, as much as I like NewsBlur, I think the arrow key binding is absolutely counterintuitive. I can’t imagine many people expecting the down arrow to switch articles. I agree that j and k are somewhat obscure, but surely, there’s a better way than hijacking the arrow keys.


Also, I wish PgUp/PgDn did something. Some of us still use those keys.

Someone posted a GreaseMonkey script to restore the up/down arrows here:…

I no longer have a complaint with the up/down arrows, but I think disabling default OS behavior for arrow keys is a REALLY bad design decision… Samuel may prefer this, but he’s using a Macbook Pro, and he probably uses two finger scrolling. I have the same laptop, but when I’m at work, I have a crappy keyboard, and a mouse with no scroll wheels. On top of this, I’m stuck with IE8. I did install a copy of Firefox, but only because I have admin access, which most users don’t have.

Samuel, you should think about those who aren’t as lucky as you – restore arrow keys to their default, and for all these unlucky souls on IE8, think about restoring some minimum of functionality. Otherwise, love this service.

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Change “Up” and “down” for “page up” and “page down”. It’d be perfect.
And let “up” and “down” to scroll the page.

Ideally I’d like [j/k] to scroll through posts (this already works) and the cursor keys to scroll line-by-line within the article.

Space could either scroll a half-page in the article, or scroll to the next unread article within the feed.