How to scroll within an article using the keyboard?

How do I use the keyboard to scroll within an article?

Maybe the arrow keys should scroll within the article, and only j/k move to the next or previous article?


Try using space (and shift+space to scroll back up).

It’s actually in the info box when you hit the ? key, but callingit ‘page down’ and ‘page up’ might have made it confusing.

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Ah, right. I tend to scroll by line instead of by page, so I was looking for ‘line down / up’ keys. NewsBlur scrolls about half a page, which I personally find annoying, but that is probably a personal thing.


You’re not alone - I would like a line by line scroll myself. Intuitively, the up/down keys would do this, but those are used to move to the next post in a feed. I’m used to it now but it took me some time.

That is what I would like too, but I doubt Samuel will make this backwards-incompatible change.

Backwards incompatible or not, the arrow/cursor keys are used for stories because that’s how I like 'em. I *could* be persuaded to make a preference, but I’d prefer a more robust preference that allows 100% customization, rather than toggle between vim and human keys.

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Heh, touché. The feed view feels like one long document to me, so using the arrow keys to scroll lines feels more intuitive to me (so much that I still make this mistake after a few months of use). Anyway, key customization would be nice, but to be honest I like the fact that there is so little to set-up even more.

I would just like a way to scroll line by line, I don’t care what keys you use for it. :slight_smile:

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Indirectly weighing in on this discussion…

Coming from Google Reader, I appreciated that j/k worked for switching articles and wanted up/down to be line scrolling. I thought this would be a problem but the amount of scrolling that the space bar does is actually a perfect amount, and I prefer using it over line by line scrolling.

You can also hold down the space bar to scroll indefinitely.

I know it may be a little late, but I wanted to chime in on this item. When I first started using NewsBlur I really missed being able to use the up/down arrow keys for line scrolling, but I figured I’d get used to the space bar. Well, it’s been a few months and I’m still accidentally hitting the arrow keys and then watching several stories fly by as I remember: Oops, not what I wanted! So, I’d really appreciate a future option to used the arrow keys for line scrolling if it’s still under consideration. Thanks!!

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Keyboard shortcut manager is a planned feature. I’m thinking about making it an open-source component, since it could be useful elsewhere as well. But not until stripe.js (which is launching today), and social are launched.


Thank you, Samuel! I know you’ve got a lot going on with NewsBlur right now, so I’m just happy to know it’s coming in the future. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy all the great NewsBlur features already in place.

Would love to know the status of this now that social is out and dev is merged.

Me too! I was hoping that I’d eventually get used to using the keys as they are, but I still find myself reaching for the arrow key to advance one line at a time in a story (and then being irritated that it doesn’t work that way). Hope it’s coming soon.

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Yeah, lots of stuff going on and this is now on the back burner. I too would love to see a keyboard manager, and it’ll get built eventually.


I, too, would really like up/down arrow keys to scroll linewise as they do on every other website. IMHO, you should not override a universal browser feature like that. Why not just use J and K to skip articles?

With this, scrolling feels so awkward that it may be a dealbreaker for using the site for me.

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yeah, I’ve been using Newsblur for just under a year now and STILL get bit by the up/down arrow thing. I often do it to try and scroll an image or video embed off the screen so that more actual content is available. But alas, it has never once magically read my mind.

Love the site, looking to switch from Google Reader, but this is a deal breaker :frowning:

Please consider adding an option to use arrow keys for scrolling text.

I don’t know how much trouble it might be, but occasionally I need to go sideways.

This is because my eyesight aint what it used to be, so I use extra large size font, and sometimes stuff don’t fit nice all on one screen.

In the IBM midrange world we can do this with command function keys, and for those of us who have a keyboard with the 10 digit pad at the side, the number keys also have arrows on them, for scroll direction.