How to mark as unread and go to the next article

How can I mark unread and then go to the next story? So, typically I do something like this-

  1. Use n to scan through articles, stop and read as I go
  2. Sometimes I’ll reach something that I don’t have time for that second, so I just want to leave it unread and continue. I want to press m and then n, but doing that takes me to the one I just marked as unread.

I find I then have to use ‘m’ and then the mouse to get to the next one.

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‘mn’ works for me (on Chrome) as you describe it should work if there are more unread items.

‘j’ and ‘k’ move between stories regardless of "read"ness, so ‘mj’ should work reliably to mark the current item as unread and move to the next item.