How to get started

I am not finding training for how to get started using the tool. Especially interested in linking newsletters and daily digust from member organizagions
thank you

Hi, there’s a short tutorial on the web under Manage > Tutorial. You can also read the FAQ to understand how training works:

As for linking newsletters/email, simply open the Newsletters dialog for instructions under Manage > Newsletters. You can also read this blog post for how it works:

Looking for how to setup tool not how to train it. Also not finfing any menu Manage. Nor finding my newsblur email address for forwarding to. Thank you

The Manage menu is the gear icon in the bottom-right of the left-hand navigation of folders and sites … just to the right of “all / unread / focus / saved” view selection buttons.

Training for how to get started in newsblur is pretty simple: find a feed you want to follow, click the “+” button in the bottom-left, paste the feed URL and click “Add”. Come back to see updates. Add folders if you want. Check out the great keyboard shortcuts.

Some of the feeds that I wish to see are weekly digust emails from membership sites. Where do I find the details for set up an email address to forward these to?

No gear on droid app

Ah, I was assuming web, of course.

On the android app, click the kebab menu (3 vertical dots) in the lower right corner, then “Newsletters…”

I don’t believe Android has the newsletters dialog, but go on the web and go to Manage > Email Newsletters. That will have your special NewsBlur-specific email address that you can forward messages to.

I created a Newsletters folder and set a couple my newsletters in Outlook to forward to the NewsB email provided but emails are not being forward. What is missing?