How to get more control on unread mark?

Hello. I just signed on newsblur, I loved its training feature and hope it can help me go directly to articles that are more relevant to me. I know this question will look noobish and you’ll see I’m lost, but please take in mind I’m using it for less than 1 hour.

I’m having trouble handling what I’ve read and what I haven’t. When I just imported my feeds from Google Reader, many of them were already marked as read. I use FeedDemon and they were marked as unread there. I’m not sure the cause of them marked as read in newsblur.

Ok, I went to mark everything as unread, and noticed there’s no “mark all as unread” button. IDK why no RSS Feeder has this feature :frowning:

Soon I came to the message “Story is more than 14 days old, cannot mark as unread”. That’s sad, I can’t be forced to read everything before 14 days under the risk of losing something. Is there a way to overcome this limitation? I know Google Reader marks everything read after 1 month, so if it’s some synch problem I can give up Google Reader and stay only on newsblur.

The way I like to use RSS Reader is like this: when I enter the app, I see all previous unread articles plus new ones, then I quickly browse new articles marking read the ones I don’t wanna read (in newsblur, also use Intelligent Trainer to mark I didn’t like the article), leaving as unread the ones I wanna read later. After doing so, I come back reading one by one the ones that are unread. Because of that, I really don’t like articles being automatically marked as read without my explicit action.

The feature I’d like is to have all articles marked unread as default, and stay that way until I mark them read. it would be great to have a shortcut to move to next article, another to move to next unread article, and a different shortcut just to mark articles read and unread, separating browsing and marking actions.

What’s the best way to do these?

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Those keyboard shortcuts you’re asking about are ‘n’ for next unread story, ‘m’ for oldest unread story, and ‘u’ for marking unread/read. Hit ‘?’ to see all keyboard shortcuts.

As for your flow, my recommendation is to read by All Stories and sort by Oldest (which you can only do on the re-design – Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, 2 weeks is the unread limit. It’s supposed to be 1 week, so I doubled it to make sure you had time. If you want to save a story for later reading, hit ‘s’ to save it.

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