How to disable unread story numbers in the browser window?

Today I noticed that the browser’s window title from Newsblur contains the number of yellow/green unread items.

How do I disable it? I find it distracting.

I remember seeing an option in Preferences about this, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere now.


Any design change I make it going to be disliked by some and liked by others. I’m sorry to say but I’m planning to cull the preference list by removing some often unused preferences. I decided that the title is better served by including unread counts. Eventually I’d like to remove many more preferences that only serve to clutter the dialog.

advanced pref pane then please! :slight_smile:

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I dare to disagree, but only about the argument: This is primarily not a design change but rather a constraint of settings. Granted, the preference list’s clutter is reduced - but at the expense of the user’s clutter (don’t want to see those numbers changing, it’s a form of notification, which I basically try to avoid). Be it that I will open the preference list say four times a year, it’s like going to the garbage can, which’s design is also of no account (-;

In case you’d consider restoring this as a preference: I would also like to say that I miss being able to turn this former preference off. I prefer to see the site name in my page titles. I keep enought widows open that I don’t see the full page titles in the task bar. “Newsbl” means more to me than “(154) Ne”. Also, I’m a little sad to hear that you plan to reduce user options rather than expand them …

There isn’t a single preference in the iOS app and it still manages to be a great experience. I think it’s harmful to decry every design change (of which many are coming up in the next month). People will always disagree with my design choices. Reducing preferences means that new users will have less clutter to have to sift through.

I may bring this back as a preference, but that means I will need to categorize the preferences dialog, and that’s going to take some time.

Again: This isn’t a design change. This is a constraint of settings. Albeit newsblur is the best feedreader one can get this time, there must be room for dissension without you taking offence: I think it’s harmful to call costumers “decrying every design change”.

OK, just pushed a new preferences dialog that has categories. That makes me feel a whole lot better about the clutter. I also added the preference back in. Unread counts in the window are now the default, so you’ll have to turn it off.

Sternenstaub - while this feedback thread shows some dissension, I get a lot more feedback through email and that shows a whole lot more negativity (for some reason). My point stands though. NewsBlur is in a position that no matter what change I make, I’m going to upset some users. A preference is a last resort. It also increases the permutations of preferences that I have to test against. The fewer preferences the better and the less I have to test against. I hope to never push users out of NewsBlur due to my design changes, but I am also aware that in order to keep growing NewsBlur I’m going to have to make some changes.

Tnx for your kind reply. I am fully aware of the fact that it can be frustrating taking a b s o l u t e l y e v e r y complaint seriously. But I’m essentially praising not complaining, so please forgive me having been thin-skinned.
But the main thing is: You buckled.
JUST KIDDING. I could have been okay with your former decision, just revoking your argument.