How to authenticate etc other sharing services?

Preferences > Stories has some dozen sharing services, of which I have selected Facebook, Google+, tumblr and delicious.

When I share an item within Newsblur, only the Facebook icon appears as an option. Almost certainly because I have not given any details about my other accounts. Where do I do that??

Under “Friends and Followers” there is “Social Connections” and I have “Connected” for Facebook, but I don’t see anywhere how to authenticate these other services. (Ideally it would be in the same place as where you select the sharing services IMO…)

When I share an item using the bookmarklet, there are no icons (not even Facebook). I have taken to using the bookmarklet to share to newsblur, then opening up Newsblur and re-sharing the item this time with the Facebook icon selected. Not the smoothest :slight_smile:

(I note there are other threads about the sharing to Facebook being flaky, I would just add - would be nice if there was _any_ feedback about if the share actually succeeded or not.)

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Under Manage > Friends you can connect to Twitter, FB, and

I’ll be adding those services to the bookmarklet at some point soon. It’s an easy fix, but I just need to do it.

As for facebook sharing, it actually does go through more than you think. It’s just that the NewsBlur app is low down on priority for facebook, so the article is just super buried. I try it on my own account regularly and rarely see the article, evne though I can confirm it went through.