How many feeds can newsblur handle?

I have been using NetNewsWire 3 for years and this seems to be shutting down. NNW4 is not capable of handing the amount of feeds that I have according to their support. I have 30,000+ feeds currently though I could decrease that if needed, though not below 20,000 most likely. Could you advise on if your program can handle this quantity of feeds? If not, what is an estimate of the feeds it can handle? Thank you in advance for your time.


I’m just (and very) curious … what in the world are those 30k feeds? And how do you actually keep up with them? My 800 feeds leave me a pretty constant backlog of ~200 unread items, and I intentionally limit the “serious” feeds that would demand my attention.

It is crazy, I know! I search a couple dozen search terms on every Craigslist in the US. Most don’t produce any results, and of the results many are junk.