How far back do stories persist on blurblogs?

How long/how far back do stories persist in the blurblogs? Do they sunset after 14 days like feeds do? I’d like to use that as a way to save stories (since there’s no search and no tags at this point) but I can’t tell how long things are kept there/how far back I can browse.

(I use a reader to manage journal article alerts for academic work – being able to look back at what I thought was interesting when it first came through is helpful for seeing trends/adding references to articles/keeping up with the literature in a way that is different than, say, keeping up with blogs. I’m trying to figure out how to do that in newsblur)


As far as I can tell, blurblogs show every story you’ve ever shared. A little bit ago, I had a mystery unread in my blurblog and accidentally hit M (which looks for the oldest unread post) and it showed posts all the way back to June of 2012 before I got bored and hit Esc to go back to the dashboard…

The only thing that I am aware of that sunsets after 14 days is the *unread* status of a post.

I should note that it’s deeply deeply painful to try and find an old share in your blurblog since the river does not lazy-load more options while you read, so you have to scroll through the list like 5 items at a time to manually force more to load.

I’ll be building search for shared stories after the redesign’s launch. But your shared stories (as well as saved stories) stick around forever. The unread status is limited to 2 weeks.