How do you view the Trained "Thumbs Down" Stories?

How do you view the Trained “Thumbs Down” Stories? I think I’ve accidentally blocked Stories that I shouldn’t have. Thanks!

if you right click on the feed on the left then choose Intelligence Trainer, it will show you what you have trained in the past.

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Thanks @MikeC, that works to show your trained phrases/classifiers, but to actually view the hidden stories, you’ll want to use the “Show Hidden Stories” button at the top of the story list on a site that has hidden stories.

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Awesome! I was clicking on the Folder & didn’t see that option, but once I clicked on the individual Feeds that button appeared. I did notice that all my other Stories are also being shown as well. Is it possible to only show the Hidden Stories? I have hundreds & hundreds of Stories in many Feeds daily that I need to check and having to scroll through everything makes it extremely time-consuming. Thanks so much!

Used to be you could only see hidden stories but no longer.

Bummer. Thanks!